Glue non -woven wallpaper in the bedroom

Now not only the bedrooms and living rooms are finished with non -woven wallpaper, but also children and rooms. It happens that this type of coating is used in non -residential premises, such as offices.

Installation of non -woven wallpaper begins primarily with the preparation of the walls. The surfaces are primed with a construction primer and plucked by mastic or ordinary putty. Cracks and dents should not remain on the surface, as well as construction mud and dust. As soon as the walls become even, clean and dry, you can begin the process of pasting wallpaper. It is not necessary to lubricate the canvases with a adhesive composition, it is enough to apply glue to the walls.

The surface of the walls of the walls is well smeared with a foam rubber roller, then the strips of wallpaper are tightly pressed to the planes and leveled with a rubber roller or a soft rag. Metal spatulas should not be used as arushing agents, they can damage and ruin the canvas. Try to apply so many adhesive composition so that it does not lick in the seams, otherwise it will leave yellow spots on the stripes.

Overwater wallpaper drying out for two hours. The pashing of the bedrooms with non -woven wallpaper should be made by qualified masters. They do all the work much better and faster. Wallpaper canvases you can choose any, like a company that will glue them. Moreover, now the construction market is oversaturated by both.

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