How to use mirrors in decorating rooms

Mirrors in the decoration of residential premises already carry not only functional, but also design load – become decoration. Sometimes mirrors allow you to visually change the room, increase it or hide some defects.

Of course, first of all, the mirror is a practical item, and it should be chosen, focusing on the room. So, in a large room, place high mirrors so that you can see yourself not only to the level of a T -shirt, but to be able to evaluate your appearance completely, in full growth. Lighting is installed not over the mirror itself, but in some distance, in order to be well lit, first of all, the subject of reflection, and not the mirror surface.

Hanging a mirror, follow the strictly vertical location of the object, since even a small slope can distort the image. In a mirror 140 cm high, you can see yourself completely, 120 cm of the mirror surface will allow you to consider the reflection to the knees, and in the mirror the size of 60 cm you can see how cool T -shirts and T -shirts sit on you, since the reflection is visible only to the waist.

Mirrors do not put in front of the windows, especially in the southern too sunny rooms, since the mirror fades quickly from overheating and deteriorates. Using mirrors as design elements, you can get an original interior, for example, if you place a mirror as a picture in which a reflection of the room will be reflected instead of the image.

Often, modern decor manufacturers use mirrors as elements of the finish. Floor tiles with mirror crumbs, mirror surface of the ceiling – such decoration of rooms is often used in interior design. With the help of mirrors, you can “propagate” objects, increase the number of points of light in the room. And you can place polished metal instead of mirrors, of course, you can’t see t -shirts with the inscription in it, but it looks very original as an element of design.

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