Where did the stretch ceilings come from the history of the creation

Stretch ceilings take their historical path from the time of ancient Rome, it was then that the builders had the idea to decorate the ceilings to the tone of the walls with fabric, to surprise their customers. In the seventeenth century, Armenian builders used a technology where they used a wooden frame. It was attached to the ceiling and stretched a treated tissue on it with a chalk solution, which, after completely drying and shrinkage, had a smooth and even surface. It is safe to say that this is the prototype of modern stretch ceilings.

Modern stretch ceilings were invented in the sixties of the twentieth century in France. The PVC film was used as a canvas, which solved many, early unable problems.

Production technology was accidentally opened by one employee who issued a store showcase. The store belonged to one of the companies engaged in aluminum profile. He pulled the PVC film between the profiles, which served as the beginning of stretch ceilings. Progress cannot be kept in place, instead of simple film, films of various colors that responded to fire safety began. Now the film meets all the requirements of building codes.

It is not surprising that stretch ceilings in the eighties were very widely used in Europe. They received worldwide recognition and demand.

PVC film currently has great use not only for ceilings, it is also in demand when decorating doors, windows and other engineering structures.

The first plants for the production of suspended ceilings in Russia appeared after 2000. Nowadays, they quickly gained great popularity among the people.

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