Is it possible to paint vinyl wallpaper how to make

Vinyl wallpapers designed for painting have a non -woven or paper base on which a foamed vinyl is applied. The coating itself is easily scratched, therefore it requires additional protection in the form of staining.

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Vinyl wallpapers are an excellent solution for those who over time are boring the same type. Having pushed vinyl wallpapers in the room, which are designed for painting, you can avoid reinforcing if after a certain time they are tired of their coloring. They can be re -painted. This material has a standard factory color, which can be repainted more than once, in any shade or in several shades at the same time.

Before painting such wallpaper, it is necessary to degrease the surface, using a suitable detergent. The next step is to apply a primer of good qualities. This must be done carefully without missing a single millimeter of the surface. After completely drying the primer, you can start staining.

For staining, water -based paints and a roller are best suited, in some cases the use of a brush is provided. For example, if the design decision provides for the application of a drawing using a stencil.

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