Winter care for plants. Features of the process

In fact, the house and each apartment are issued using decorative plants and flowers. They can not only embellish the exterior, but also make artistic compositions.

Also, as everyone knows, fresh flowers produce air and absorb carbon dioxide.

Still, the plants are able to revive absolutely any exterior, especially when the window is frosty weather. Care and special care flowers and flowerpots require in winter.

And all due to the fact that at such a time of the year smaller than the light that tropical representatives of the flora needs, dry air during the heating season and through Chur low humidity.

Studying should be very inspectious. It is necessary to take in the fact that the plants are located in the dormancy phase.

Well, having flowering plants in the house, try to install them closer to the light in winter. If for example, it is not enough, you need additional illumination, as fluorescent light bulbs.

Winter care for plants

In order for the plants to completely increase, it will be necessary to ventilate the room, while it is best to ignore drafts.

It is necessary to water significantly rarely, however, spraying with warm water will come in handy. Do not forget about the periodic washing in the shower and the loosening of the soil.

Winter care for plants

In fact, cacti and succulents do not ask for watering in winter. Similar care should be carried out for palm trees, ficuses, monster and philodendrons. For watering, it is worthwhile to use water insisted on an egg shell.

Winter care for plants

Also try in winter, not overdoing mineral top dressing. In order for the plants to have the opportunity to completely increase, only a good half of a simple dose is needed.

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