What are fire extinguishers and where to buy them

Fire extinguishers are indispensable when extinguishing medium fires. They come in several types and classes, depending on the extinguishing matter. You can buy a fire extinguisher right on the Internet, on special sites. One of these sites is the company “Ket”, which has been selling protective equipment for more than ten years now. This company is known for low prices and friendly staff.

The most universal are powder models. With their help, you can put out a fire of almost any class, including burning electrical equipment with a voltage of 1000 volts! However, after extinguishing the powder, electrical equipment is almost always not subject to restoration.

Powder models also cope with extinguishing gasoline, oil, gaseous substances and much more. You can operate even at a temperature of minus forty degrees Celsius, since there is nothing to freeze in them. You can buy these fire extinguishers at just funny prices in the store “.

Carbon dioxide models have a slightly narrower area of ​​application. So, with their help you can not extinguish alkaline metals, as well as smoldering fires that flow without air access. Pairs of carbon dioxide act suffocating on a person, so it is undesirable to use them in closed rooms.

At a negative temperature, the effectiveness of the device is significantly reduced due to the slowdown in the chemical reaction of the excretion of carbon dioxide from the acid. But they can extinguish electrical equipment and other complex equipment, without fear of disable it forever. In the company “Ket”, such fire extinguishers are great and well -deserved popularity.

Air-pea models are the most useless. They can only extinguish wood and products of its processing, as well as paints and varnishes. You can store and use such fire extinguishers at a temperature of at least 5 degrees Celsius. In the cold they are completely useless and even harmful. Call the company “Ket” and order goods by phone (048) 785-03-70. The phone responds on weekdays, from half a day to half -past half of the sixth in the afternoon.

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