How to cover a wooden floor with varnish sequence of actions

At the end of the work associated with the flooring of the black floor, laying the parquet board and its grinding, the finished finished floor should be covered with a layer of varnish. Coating varnishing is the final stage of laying floor material. It is on the quality of this event to a certain extent that the life of the coating depends. Before starting the varnishing of the floor, the parquet board should be treated with a primer. It will help to avoid gogging of varnish wood.

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The primer will not only reduce the consumption of paints and varnishes, but also protect the flooring from the aggressive influence of the paintwork composition. To give a parquet of any shade (or to simulate another wood breed) before varnishing, the board should be treated with a stain.

At the end of the complex of preparatory measures, you can start varnishing parquet. Varnish will help protect the parquet board from the harmful effects of moisture and mechanical abrasion.

The number of layers of varnish on average lies in the range from 3 to 9 layers. A larger number of layers of vague composition will give the parking an additional shine and give a certain depth to the lacquer. However, the cost of such a procedure is by no means low. The consumption of varnish on average is that for each square meter of area it takes up to a third of a kilogram of the composition.

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