Pipes GOST 20295

Pipes GOST 20295.

For the construction of oil and gas pipelines, a main pipe is made. It is used for general use equipment, in the production field, used to transport fuel in fuel networks.

Most often used in the construction of water pipelines, which are designed for delivery to small settlements, or not large cities, natural gas.

Pave them in an underground way. This is very convenient because this method warns any probability of damage to the highway as a result of any external factors.

In very rare cases, completely exceptional, the project can be provided as the laying of an above -ground or ground method.

This kind of pipe is designed to transport large fuel volumes. Specific climatic conditions are not provided for the operation of such a pipe, so such equipment can be laid even in the Far North.

The spectrum of using the pipe GOST 20295 is quite wide. Such a pipe made of low alloy steel is made, sometimes some impurities such as manganese or chromium are used. But, for reliability, galvanizing is always done. Galing excludes the interaction of equipment with any aggressive substances. If necessary, polymer composite substances and bitumen compositions can be additionally applied to the surface of the pipes.

If it is necessary to repair or partial replacement of the pipe, it is necessary to take into account not only the diameter and length, but also the thickness of the wall.

There are three types of trunk analogues for this GOST:

1. Spiral -haired. Electric arcade method is used.

2. Direct. The contact method of welding is used, while high purity currents are used.

3. Directly with a large diameter, they are also made, used electric arc welding.

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