What to pay attention to when painting the facade of the house

From time to time, a plastered or facing facade will need to paint. Before updating the coating, you need to remove all the dirt that has accumulated over the years. All walls are fully checked. For staining corners and joints you will need a brush and a roller. The paint is applied using the roller vertically, after which it is horizontally and to align the entire layer again vertically. You can use a flat brush of medium width. If the facade is painted with brick, it is better to perform the work with a roller with a long pile. If you want to buy a profitable existing business in Moscow, then you should follow the link given

It is more practical to immediately purchase a high -quality roller, it will be much more convenient for them to work, and its service life will be much more than that of an inexpensive roller. The surface of the facades is smooth and even can be painted using a special apparatus with an electric pump. The pressure and the amount of paint in this case can be adjusted at your discretion.

If the old paint stains the clothes, it is better to primed it, then the new paint will stay better. Durable dry surfaces are usually cleaned of web and dust. Strong dirt and moss also remove. If there is an opportunity to simplify this work, you can use a mini-muscle.

Horizontal and vertical cracks formed as a result of shrinkage of the house is better to fill with silicone rubber. All defects available on the plaster are necessarily eliminated using a cement mortar, small disadvantages can be removed using a putty mass.

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