How to build a land cellar on the slope, to take into account

Best if your cellar is located on the slope. Such a natural landscape is great for the construction of facilities, in the likeness of cellars. In such conditions, the construction process will be the most rational. In addition, the slope will perfectly protect the room from excess moisture. Yes, and integrating the cellar into the slope is much easier than repeating this on the plain. The optimal size of the cellar is a cube with sides B2.5 meters. Accordingly, the size will have to be taken into account when digging the pit. Materials for walls can be used familiar, but do not forget about the increased requirements for waterproofing. By the way, now you can buy discs quickly and without leaving your home in an online store.

If various agricultural products are planned to be stored in the cellar, then for it it is necessary to build separate bins. Storage in the general “heap” is unacceptable. If the natural conditions of your climatic belt are not the best, then above the cellar you can build a superstructure. It will be an excellent protection of the underground room from excessive rainfall. At the same time, being a secondary building, the details of its design are absolutely unimportant. It should be remembered that a poor -quality cellar can cause a loss of your entire reserve, therefore, the process of the construction should be taken extremely carefully.

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