Leaf -beam machine (leafgog) what kind of equipment is this

A leaf -beam machine (leafgog) is the equipment necessary in a variety of metal products, in engineering, aircraft industry. This tool is also widely used in construction, in the performance of roofing and repair work of various complexity. The purpose of the machine is the bending of metal strips or sheets to obtain the desired shape. Consider what reliable web machines are depending on the types of drive.

Manual leaf -beam machine. Type of drive – physical strength. More suitable for small production volumes, for finishing internal work, non -standard profiles, only brown beams, the production of roof elements, ventilation, etc. sheet metal products with a thickness of 1.2 mm.

The advantages of a manual leaf -beam machine are that its cost is relatively small, it is quite simple in its design, does not damage the metal coating and is unpretentious in operation.

Electromechanical leaf -bending machine. Type of drive – electric motor. Some models may have a built -in software control, with the possibility of choosing manual or electromechanical.

Such leaf sags have high performance and good quality bending. Suitable for large volumes of work performed, for the production of products from sheet metal, with a thickness of 7 mm.

Hydraulic leaf -beam machine. Type of drive – hydraulic cylinders. GIBROOLOCE TOMPRESS – Poanson and Matrix.

The advantages of a hydraulic leaf -beam machine are that it has a high power and quality of the work performed with a fairly large thickness of the processed sheet, 30 mm and more. It is distinguished by the ease of control, accuracy and reliability.

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