Closed expansion tank what kind of device is this

A closed, expansion tank is a device consisting of a steel case and two chambers, which are separated by a membrane of rubber, elastic quality. The membrane on one side contains air, and on the other hand there is water. In expansion tanks, two types of membranes are used – cylinder and diaphragm. The balloon membranes are made with such a condition that the water inside the tank does not interact with the metal sides of the case, but at the same time is in the rubber cylinder. This type of membrane can be changed. In the expansion tank of the gas compartment, nitrogen is pumped in production.

The operation of the expansion tank is that at the right time the liquid from the coolant is taken under excess pressure in the heating system. The gas that is located in the tank is compressed as soon as water appears in it, while occupying some volume. For the proper operation of the heating system, a certain volume of the tank is required, which will be able to push water and thereby reduce excess pressure. With a large volume of the coolant itself, the volume when heating the heating system of the temperature itself should be more supplanted.

In small private houses, hinged boilers are often used, which already have a built -in expansion tank inside, also there is already a protection valve. Models that are installed on the floor usually do not have a built -in expansion tank.

In this case, the expansion tank in this case is required to be separately connected during the assembly process of the heating system. As adopted, they connect an expansion tank to a reverse pipe, which approaches the boiler. Correct connection is the presence of a locking crane and a pressure gauge.

Expansion tanks, in addition to central heating, are also used in water supply circuits with hot water. It is installed where the pipe serves cold water, which enters the filler capacity. The placement of the expansion tank will allow you to prevent the safety valve at an hour of a sharp increase in water volume. In the hot water supply system, expansion tanks are usually painted in green, white or blue. In the heating system, tanks have red color.

Before the heating season, every year it is recommended to conduct a constant inspection of the proper supply of the pressure of the expansion tank from the gas compartment. If the tank is suddenly disconnected, then the entire volume of the tank will take gas. When disconnecting the expansion tank from the system, it is necessary to block the cutting crane so that the water that is located in the system does not flow out.

If you decide to check the correctness of gas pressure in the tank chamber, do not do it yourself, best use the services of a specialist. This can be done yourself, but only if you have accurate knowledge in the field of regulated initial pressure.

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