Foundation for a country house

The foundation is a concrete base located under a house from any material, whether it is a tree, stone, brick or concrete. That is, the foundation is the part of the building on which the main supporting structure of the structure is based. The foundation is designed to protect buildings from destruction during the spring flood and soil movement. In order not to rebuild again every year, it is necessary to observe the requirements for foundations. This includes several parameters:

– The depth of the foundation (depends on the type of soil, which can be large -sized, sand or rocky);

– Foundation area;

– The height of the concrete pillow. Each parameter must be calculated depending on conditions such as:

– Type of soil. If the construction is carried out in a swampy area, it may take a rental of a swamp excavator;

– soil uniformity;

– the presence of groundwater;

– local relief;

– and t. D. Before laying the foundation, the following preparatory work must be carried out: – drain the area;

– align the terrain;

– create a drainage system; – Cleat the soil.

During the spring flood on solid ground, the water is not absorbed, and in winter it freezes and begins to expand, while crushing and deforms an inelastic structure. Due to the formation of cracks on the “hard pillow”, the foundation becomes unusable, therefore, the destruction of the construction occurs. Therefore, during the construction of a country house, it is necessary to comply with all the requirements for the foundations. In order to get a strong structure after filling the concrete, it is necessary to install as much reinforcement as possible in the base of the building before filling. Then you get a very strong base that can withstand a large load. Currently, the foundation of the following types is very popular:

– strip;

– columnar;

– tile;

– mixed.

Calculate the height of the foundation so that the snow falling does not concern the first tier of the building. Good luck!

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