How to beat the ceiling correctly

Witting the ceiling is a simple process, but requires certain efforts. All work can be done independently, without the help of professionals. In order to whitewash the ceiling, you will need some tools: a brush, a roller and a spatula, as well as gasheen lime, blue. Instead of bastard lime, you can use chalk. All this can be purchased at absolutely any construction store or buy on the Internet.

Before whitening the ceiling, you need to carry out a number of preparatory work. Wash the warm water with warm water from the ceiling, use a dry brush for this. If the ceiling is smoked, for example, in the kitchen it must be washed with a solution of hydrochloric acid.

There are also rust spots. If they are, treat them with copper sulfate. To remove streams, use a solution of lime and olifa in a combination of 20: 1. This solution must be treated several times. It is necessary to discourage the entire old plaster with a hammer. Lay all cracks and bumps with a lime solution. After that, draw the entire surface with a small skin. Then treat the ceiling with a primer.

Prepare a solution for whitewashing using lime, blue, laundry soap, glue and water. For 10 square meters of ceiling, you need 2-2.5 kg of bastard lime, 100 g of glue and the same amount of soap, 20 g of blue and several liters of water (usually 3-5 l). This solution must be thoroughly caused and brought to a homogeneous mass. The ceiling with such a solution must be treated several times. After each time dry the surface and apply a new layer.

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