How to choose a good heat cementon?

In the fall, upon the onset of cold weather, many people are facing the need to purchase an electric heater. The cheapest and most compact of all their types is the heat -cognrator. It is about him that in this article will be discussed. We will try to answer the question of how to choose a quality device.

First you should consider the principle of operation of thermal talent. First of all, it is, like on a regular fan, motor and blades. The addition is a spiral of the intensity.

The main purpose of such devices is the heating of the air in the rooms. Most often they are used in apartments and households. premises.

When working the heat -tank, the spiral is heated, while the blades are supplied to it. Passing through the spiral, it heats up. This, in turn, does not allow a spiral to burn. In addition, for greater reliability, a periodic disconnection of the heating element occurs.

The main advantages of this device are the speed of air heating and affordable price. Minus – great energy consumption. In addition, the heat core has high fire hazard, so its work should take place under the control of a person. In no case should you leave such devices unattended. This can lead to fire.

It will still be good if the tropic heating ventures are equipped with a tipping sensor. This will reduce fire hazard to a minimum.

The power of the heat -tents ranges from 600 W to 3 kW.

Now let’s call the most popular manufacturers: Polaris, Binatone, Smile, Ewt, Vitek, Thomas, Delonghi, and Atmor.

Naturally, competition forces manufacturers to supply the devices they produce additional capabilities. Consider the main ones:

– Turning mechanism.

– Spray -proof case (designed for rooms with high humidity).

– Built -in filters (to purify air of dust).

– Thermostats (switch that regulates power).

– overheat protection.

– Shutdown sensors when overturning.

Basically, thermal cores are made of heat -resistant plastic, less often from metal. The latter are more expensive. It is believed that they are more warm -intensive and reliable, but also cost, respectively, many times more expensive.

The design of these devices is not original. Most often they have a round or square (with rounded corners) shape. The color of thermal talents made of plastic is most often white, in metal – mirror.

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