How to mount a frame in the loggia what to pay attention to

No wonder the ancient masters said “measure seven times, cut one”. Starting glazing the balcony or loggia, it is necessary to remember this wisdom. Since the design of the loggia made in irregular sizes is different than the disaster cannot be called. In order for the glazed balcony to be cozy and beautiful, it is necessary to measure all sizes accurately accurate assembly and most importantly a high -quality installation. A plastic window is a very good thing only if it is set up qualitatively. However, not only the window, but also its joints during work are subjected to huge mechanical and physical activity.

Before starting work on glazing the loggia, it must be free from all things that are dusty there. Since the mess on the balcony will significantly complicate your work on its glazing. When glazing a fence of a balcony of concrete, it often has to increase up. Therefore, the frame is installed on a wooden screen, which is a design of the boards. In the fence of the loggia, a number of holes for plastic or wooden anchors are drilled. The basis for a plastic frame will be a thick board laid on wooden bars. The board lies only horizontally. Throughout its length, the board lies on the bars of the supports. At the place of installation of anchors, the board is fixed with long screws.

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