Bungalow for Russian winter

This is not just a summer hut, but you can also say a second house. At their dachas, many spend the New Year holidays, and just come for a year for the weekend to breathe fresh air and take a break from the bustle of the city. Therefore, on the garden plot, the house is built with the expectation that it could live in it not only in the summer, but also other time of the year.

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A properly laid and reliable roofing is capable of protecting the roof from leaks, which is not afraid of strong rains or temperature differences. As a practice shows, metal tiles are best. And periodically encountered complaints about the rapid corrosion of metal tiles, this is nothing more than a result of involving unprofessional workers to the roofing, which do not observe the technology of its fastening.

For example, when using a grinder for cutting corrugated board and metal tiles, not only a polymer protective layer, but also a galvanized layer, which causes rapid corrosion, begins to burn out under the cutting of the sheet (due to the scattering sparks). This will not happen if the metal is cut with sample scissors, circular saw, or a special nozzle for the drill.

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