Lime as material for wall decoration

Lime – finishing material used to whitewash the walls and ceiling.

Lime used in Rus’ to whitewash their dwellings. Since it is a good antiseptic. In addition, whitewashing was carried out not only inside the home, but also from the outer side of the walls. Lime is of natural origin, which justifies its harmlessness. Lime on the walls, you can in three ways: using a brush, roller or sprayer. If you are looking for high -quality and stylish lamps, sconces, lamps, then I recommend a decoir store where the prices for such products are low. Regardless of the method of application before use, lime is foster, for this, filling it with water. Then filtered to separate the lumps of lime from the mass for whitewashing and applied to the walls. The whitewashed walls can be decorated with various patterns, using a special roller and a kner. And you can also with the help of a brush, create for example on the ceiling, I kiss the picture. Lime has a white color and even when adding a ring, it does not acquire bright, irritating colors. And light shades, not only favorably affect the psychological state of a person, but also reflect the light, which makes the whitewashed room more illuminated. Not everyone will like to like it, whiten their home twice a year. But the low price, the safety of the material and its antiseptic properties play a poor role in creating a cozy interior.

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