Geomembrane Tefon

Mandatory element of the decoration of a residential building is isolation. Thanks to it, you can increase the life of the house. Walls and building materials will be less exposed to exposure to them. The same can be said about concrete Kazan.

Geomatterals that serve for waterproofing are called geomembranes. Goehombranus tendon has excellent isolation properties. This is due to the fact that it is produced from dense polyethylene. It has a double mechanical castle, as well as insulating seams. At the joints of this material, a special sealant is used for even greater efficiency. It does not allow moisture to penetrate between the sheets of insulation.

Gomembran is used to ensure waterproofing walls, as well as for the foundation. After all, she has not only insulating properties, but she can still maintain the strength of tension and mechanical resistance. This is important when precipitating soil, which creates high pressure on the membrane.

Often such waterproofing is used for flat roofs. Here it can act as an additional layer of isolation. Be in the protection of. It will also be the basis for concrete tiles, sand and gravel.

This type of waterproofing is used not only in the construction of the house, but also to isolate the coast and channels.

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