How to protect wood from decay methods

Currently, the construction of houses from the beam has grown greatly. But everyone knows that wood is an ideal material for the propagation of mushrooms and insects. D beening wood can begin under certain conditions: the temperature should be from 0 to 50º, there should be oxygen access, as well as air humidity 100%. Therefore, the fight against decay begins already in the production and storage of lumber. Firstly, of course, the material should be drained, and it is better if it is natural.

Of course, all wooden structures should be located much higher than the ground level. And it should be remembered that it is necessary to make groundwater removal.

You should also carefully inspect wooden structures. And if a color change, a certain smell or deformation of the building appear on the wood, then all these are the first signs of rotting of wood. And if all this is discovered, then you need to immediately take damaged wood to the sample.

It is very important to know the sizes and degree of wood lesions, and after that they begin to make a decision in order to carry out a complete replacement of the structure, or you can localize the damage place.

Localization should be carried out by opening the structure, if it was finished with materials, after the destroyed part of the wood is removed, and then antiseptic can be carried out.

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