Which material is better to use to arrange garden paths?

Currently, not every owner of private housing in the suburban site plans to operate the entire house area for growing vegetables. Many owners seek to create a beautiful landscape design, and it is precisely neat paths that will play in this big role. For example, laying paving slabs with winding paths allows you to visually increase the area of ​​standard six acres.

Secrets of a successful layout

Initially, the alleged location of decorative elements should be applied to a drawing, on which all outbuildings, trees and shrubs have already been marked. For a harmonious project, connecting parts must arrange all objects in the garden and cross the site along the central axis. Rushing paths will not look beautiful with the flower beds of strict rectangular shapes.

It is advisable to choose strong and durable components for coating, since they have to be constantly exposed to snow, rain, temperature changes, etc. D. In addition, you should take care of a reliable basis. For example, laying paving slabs in Rostov is carried out on a pre -prepared “foundation” of sand, which allows the material to avoid deformations during operation, providing an even surface.

A variety of components are used to arrange paths in the garden:

A natural stone. Durable material, ideal for any landscape style. It is easy to get it independently in developed quarries, which makes it possible to significantly save your own means.

Woods. With their help, you can make original paths. To do this, the trunks are sawn into circles with a thickness of about 10 cm and lay in the right order.

Wooden boards. The array is allowed to paint in any color and give it any shape, which will allow you to realize the most unusual ideas into reality.

Paving stones or paving slabs. Classical and most common options for covering sites on the house territory.

A good addition to the paths will be flower borders or small decorative shrubs planted along the paths.

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