Protective roller shutters Distinctive features how to choose

The roller shutters have gained well -deserved popularity as a reliable and attractive way to protect residential and retail premises from unauthorized access. For more than a century has been used to decorate the garage gates, doors and windows of roller windows. Unlike iron gratings, the roller shutters do not spoil the appearance of the structure, help protect the house from excessive sunlight, make it possible to hide from prying eyes.

Roller shutters are made from single -walled or double -walled profiles (steel or aluminum). Traditionally, roller shutters produce white, gray, brown and beige, but if desired, you can paint them in any shade.

Modern automatic protective roller shutters also protect the house from street noise and dust, allow you to get a comfortable microclimate in the premises. Among other things, the roller shutters are approved by firefighters to install in the premises – in the event of a fire, they provide free evacuation of people, unlike metal gratings.

The reliability of the roller stanen is higher than that of the sieves. Protective roller shutters completely close the window or doorway, preventing attackers from entering the building. In this case, the mechanism is hidden indoors, and somehow the offender is simply not able to damage it. The profiles themselves are strong, withstand the strongest blows, are not subject to deformation.

Automatic roller shutters can also be used as a “trap for criminals”. If you install the alarm in the room, the automation can be configured so that when the alarm system is triggered, all shutters in the house (on the doors and windows) will be lowered, and the attacker will not get out of the house.

When installing the roller stanen, the window or doorway is not damaged, the harmony of the interior of the room is not disturbed.

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