Sound insulation How to determine the primary indicators

The initial indicator of excellent sound insulation is considered reliably shown seams.

Sound insulation in the apartment

In buildings where the walls are made of gypsum panels, which are fixed on a metal frame or a wooden frame, this kind of sealing of the compounds is particularly significant in order to achieve isolation from noise. This refers to seams in the connecting places of the floor and walls, ceiling and walls, as well as the places of racing walls among themselves. For this purpose, a specialized acrylic mass based on water is suitable, which has the character of tightly filling the free space and perfectly “grasp” with wood, brick, concrete and other materials.

This kind of sealing acoustic mass is often used in the theaters of the opera and ballet, where the needs for acoustics are even more than in ordinary apartments, which indicates its good quality. The main tasks of the interpointing of interpanel compounds: sealing of space and compensation for movements. Fill the compound with a mass based on acrylic, it is better so that its ratio is depth // 1. To increase the flexibility of the connection, the thickness of the mass mass in the middle needs to be done less …

Sound insulation of the ceiling

To a large extent from the noise from the “upper” neighbors will free a flexible substrate that destroys shock noise installed on the floor located at the top of the apartment. The most different tool today is the design “floating floor”. Materials for soundproofing are laid under a concrete screed, and a “clean floor” is laid on top of it. Laying sound insulation for flooring is less effective. In the second and in the first case, the edges of the material for soundproofing are naturally started on the walls so that there are no solid connections between the floor, walls and screed, by which the sound spreads perfectly.

Sound insulation of the apartment

There is a lot of material for these substrates now – a technical traffic jam, different varieties of polyethylene foam (rolled substrates are made from it and so on). Foam polyethylene is the cheapest material, but it has a significant minus – under the weight of the floor and screed it crushes, irreversibly losing the properties of soundproofing. Excellent signs of sound insulation are owned by glass compositions – or polymer fibers. If, for example, small measures can not help, it will be necessary to install an acoustic ceiling on the suspensions, a hem -hearted gim -plate ceiling or a stretch ceiling, filling the space above them with a sound absorption. In the next article, we will talk in more detail what is the sound insulation of the ceiling in the apartment and methods of its use.


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