How to use piles to create a strong foundation

A design feature of the foundations of this type is the use of piles.

Pile – a pillar (column) having a round or square section in the diameter. One of the ends of the pile is pointed to ensure the shift of the soil away from the pile.

The piles are clogged into the soil using pitch Coprovs (cable or diesel) or screw the piles into the ground. Pyvy pierce through mobile bulk soils to monolithic layers. The load is partially distributed on the lateral soil, the main load falls on the monolithic layers of the soil. Pile depending on the size, cross -section, the nature of the soil can take a load from 2 to 5 tons. These factors also affect the cost of pile clipping.

A feature of the pile foundation made in a brownish method is the manufacture of piles from monolithic concrete through special technology.

So, at the beginning of the process, wells are drilling the desired depth. Further, a steel pipe and a frame from the reinforcement are lowered into the well. And then fill the well with a solution of concrete with a vibrator.

These two types of foundation are distinguished by the type of manufacture of piles, its dimensions, and, accordingly, bearing capacity. Functionally these structures do not differ.

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