All about the types of foundation

It is no secret that the construction of any object – whether it is a house or garage, begins with the foundation. First of all, work is performed on pouring the foundation. Since there are several main types of foundation, you can choose the right one, knowing the type of soil on the site.

Work on the installation of foundations are also different and depend on natural data. When you determine the type of soil, you can start the design calculation of the severity of the building. Only now, when there are calculations in your hands, you can start making the foundation.

The process of manufacturing the foundation is also divided into several under the processes. First you need to carry out earthworks under the foundation, which include digging trenches and drilling wells. Then you can start filling the foundation, installation of supporting structures, providing moisture and thermal insulation.

If you want to build a wooden house, then the same option would be a columnar foundation. This type of foundation is the fastest and easier. For its construction, it is necessary to dig a hole in places more loaded and at the corners of the construction of the house, and fill it with gravel. It turns out that you save on the filling of the foundation. The final step will be installed concrete pillars.

If groundwater flows under the site, then it is recommended to use the foundation of the pile type. For its device, pointed piles must be screwed into the ground. As with a columnar foundation, the fill in this case is not needed. The bearing capacity of the soil also has no effect.

The most reliable is the foundation of the belt type. For its device, we need a trench, perform work on the construction of a sand pillow and fill the required amount of solution – foundation, and reinforced concrete blocks. We draw your attention to the fact that it is better to order concrete at the factory. In this case, you will be sure of his quality. The cost of filling the foundation will be up to 20% of the cost of the entire construction.

A continuous foundation consisting of a monolithic slab should be used when the soil on the site has the ability to move.

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