An interesting way to glue wallpaper

Wallpaper. All walls in our apartments are covered with wallpaper. It is easy to glue the wallpaper quickly, understanded and can do it almost everyone. They are of different costs, of different quality, different colors, in the end. But, despite all the differences in the lineup, sticker methods and the like, almost all of our wallpaper are similar in one – they are the same color in the same room. It will seem strange to you that I started talking about it. “What otherwise they should be?” – think you. I will try to tell you a new interesting way to glue ordinary and so familiar wallpapers.

The method is very interesting and easy. I propose to glue the wallpaper of two colors. Ideally, a common light tone and some flower print. In the store you can easily find wallpaper of the same texture, but of different drawings. You can divide the colors horizontally, you can vertically. The horizontal division is very known, you probably saw many times when the lower tone is darker, in the middle of the color separates the rocks of a separate tone, and the upper part is brighter. This is a pretty easy reception.

But now you can find a new way – vertical division. When the overall tone of wallpaper is light, neutral, for example white. And in some parts it is separated by flowers, in the same tone and texture. It turns out that bright (black) flowers grow on white wallpaper. I used this technique at home. It looks very interesting, I like it and all guests.

I recommend turning on the imagination and disable all kinds of fears, come to the wallpaper store with an excellent mood and create a masterpiece on the walls of your rooms. I already offered you several ideas, but as we know – nothing is impossible, and I sincerely believe that your fantasy is capable of more. Risk – add colors!

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