How to choose a kitchen sink

Convenient washing – the key to cooking delicious dishes. Therefore, when planning repairs, many are thinking about replacing this obligatory element of the kitchen. However, making a choice today is by no means easy. Manufacturers offer a wide variety of sinks for the kitchen. In addition to the shape, size, type of installation, they can also differ in manufacturing material, and also be equipped with additional devices. How to buy the perfect kitchen sink?

The main choice parameters

The first thing you need to decide is installation. It depends on which components will have to be purchased. There are three options for kitchen sinks:




The first variety of sinks is installed on top of a standard cabinet. In fact, it replaces countertops. The second -type shells are installed inside the countertop, and the side of the integrated sinks can be higher, lower and at the same level with the surface of the furniture.

Having decided on the principle of installation, you should pay attention to the size of the sink. In addition to subjective preferences, they pay attention to the size of the furniture on which it will be installed. Another important aspect is the number of bowls. The most convenient model with two and three bowls is convenient, but if the area of ​​the kitchen is limited, you will have to do one.

What material to prefer?

Today, a wide variety of materials can be used for the manufacture of shells. Traditional enameled products gradually go out of use. Manufacturers constantly offer more and more solutions.

The most popular products from:

of stainless steel;

composite materials.

The most popular are the stainless steel kitchen sinks. Their surface can be both matte and glossy. The models of their artificial stone are very beautiful and practical (composite). They are not afraid of high temperatures and exposure to active substances, and also do not delay fat on themselves, which significantly facilitates the care.

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