Advantages of rubber paving slabs

A wide selection of tiles for your summer cottage is presented on the building materials market. One of such high -quality and practical materials is rubber paving slabs. This material has a wide range of use – from garden plots to playgrounds.

Payer rubber tiles of processed car tires are made. When processing them, small rubber crumbs are obtained, which makes the base for rubber tiles. Car tires have stable qualities against wear. In addition, rubber is resistant to the direct effects of alkali, acid and other chemical elements. Rubber decomposes for a long time, practically does not lend itself to decay and rust, which is why it is well suited for the manufacture of tiles. When buying, you kill two birds with one stone: take care of the environment and improve your site.

The main advantages of paving slabs from rubber are:

• beautiful appearance, because rubber is such a material that has a wide variety of color solutions

• On the surface of such a tile there are convex elements, with their help, good adhesion of shoes is provided

• Such paving slabs are easy to use, does not require special care

• Tiles are practically not subject to temperature difference

• Ice does not form on rubber tiles, and it does not absorb moisture

When laying rubber tiles, no special skills are required. There are requirements that must be fulfilled. First, you need to prepare the surface. It must be made even, with a small bias in order to flow water. Secondly, to better fix the tile, you can use special sides that are installed around the perimeter.

Lay rubber tiles in the joint. It will not be difficult to adjust it to the desired dimensions – the tile is well cut. Typically, polyurethane glue or rubber-bitumen mastic is used for fixing. For everyday care of rubber paving slabs, ordinary products are suitable: a broom or a broom, a watering hose and leaf -house.

Good tile for porch steps is now sold everywhere. Choose your taste and wallet.

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