Renovate where to start

Before you start repairs, it is advisable to hire a professional designer on interiors. With it, you will decide what and where to break and build. He will help you with the choice of combinations of flowers, will properly arrange objects.

The duties of the designer also include the choice of the necessary materials. Do not save on the goods that he will offer you. Remember: the stingy pays twice and perhaps you will have to remake the repair.

The first stage is redevelopment.

If something does not suit you in the location of the walls, then you need to start work on them at the very beginning. It is better to entrust this to professionals from a construction company.

Work with the walls will take about a few days.

The next stage is electrical work.

If you have to do these works not through your fault, but because the wiring flew, it is worth contacting the housing office, perhaps they themselves will eliminate problems.

But otherwise it is better to hire professional electricians who will deal with the problem without breaking the walls. Also set modern electricity meters day at night at a profitable price.

After electrical work, you can start plumbing. It is worth noting that if the pipes broke through, then the HUE should arrange repairs for free. But if you want to replace the pipes, then you have the right to use their services, however, is already paid.

Prices for services in ZhEU are almost the same as in commercial firms.

Installation of a sink and toilet should not take more than a few hours.

After your work you can proceed directly to the repair. It must be remembered that the work is performed from top to bottom. So start with whitewashing, then glue the wallpaper. If the walls and ceilings are initially smooth, then these works will not take over three days.

If you have to smooth the surface before whitewashing, then get ready for a long work.

We go to the floors.

The replacement of the old sex usually takes one to two days. When laying tiles or carpoles, you must first lay organ. It is better to choose a parquet for the living room, and for the bedroom carpet coating.

We finish the kitchen and bathroom.

The tiles common for these rooms can easily be laid in two days. Is not advised to use wallpaper in the kitchen, this is not practical. But the plastic panels are suitable as possible.

It is worth transforming the house with the help of European -time repair in our time, but if you gave the money to the designer – a specialist, you can have no doubt, the money was spent not in vain.

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