What to look for when choosing a one -room apartment

Currently, a one -room apartment is considered a more popular option for residential real estate for many people. And this is given that the main part of the housing is old houses with a very bad layout, since they have small kitchens and a combined bathroom, and while such an apartment manages to share a small space with the corridor. There is practically no useful area in a one -room apartment, but many people still purchase them. Although for almost the same funds you can purchase more housing, but in the unfavorable area. Well, if, for example, to change the capital to the region, then you can get your own, albeit a small house. However, the majority does not want to part with their status of the owner of the apartment in the capital or urban resident. But you do not need to think about one -room apartments negatively, since there will always be demand for them and therefore any practical person does not forget about "The other side of the medal". In other words, any shortcomings can, on the contrary, turn into advantages, and such a purchase may result in a truly profitable.

Any real estate agency will confirm that the cost of a one -room apartment depends on how prestigious this real estate. After all, the better and more convenient the layout, a lot of free space and more open spaces, the more it will be more expensive for the apartment. In the center and the areas closest to it, square meters will cost several times more compared to one -room apartments in sleeping areas.

It is not a secret for anyone why the cost of dilapidated obsolete Khrushchevs is so high and therefore they are in no hurry to sell. In the event that such a one -room apartment is put up for sale, then a large queue of potential customers immediately begins to build. What’s the matter? And the thing is that they expect the demolition of obsolete residential buildings and then residents will be able to get new housing in return for the former. And the modern layout of one -room apartments in new buildings is very convenient.

The area of ​​a one -room apartment, according to the current standards, is on average at least forty square meters. The fact that forty square meters have most three -room apartments of the old -style and this given the kitchen remains important. And the square "odnushki" business class can be up to 70 square meters, and in some cases above.

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