Asbestos -cement roof

Roof is the main element of any house. Asbestos -cement roof is made of asbesteshfer sheets, tiles and slate. The grounds that are used when laying the roof are laid crams and waterproofing material. Instead of chattles, you can use whole boards, poles and custody crate. The material must be laid from the cornice to the skate on the cord. The edge of the lower row of the slate is chopped by 10cm cornice, and only 3 cm tile material. Overlapping slate sheets is 20 cm. The slate laying is carried out by shifting the material to the previous wave. The material is attached with ordinary slate nails, for which special washers with a diameter of 2.5 cm made of galvanized iron or rubber are used.

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Pre -drill holes for clogging nails. Sheets are attached to the places of horizontal zero or over the overhang. If the material needs to be cut in half along the wave, then use a two -handed saw. To decorate the skates, use asbestos -cement parts and leaf galvanized steel. Three layers of waterproofer glued together by mastic are rolled over the roof. Where the roof approaches the chimney, it is necessary to put the aprons made of galvanized steel. If the styling is not done correctly, then the slate roof proceeds. Therefore, if you are not a specialist in this field, then do not risk, and contact professional facilities.

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