What to do if the door is jammed

Sooner or later, every resident of the apartment is faced with the problem of jamming of the door. However, do not despair and run to buy a new door. You can cope with this nuisance differently. If the door began to jam from the edge where there is a latch, then just remove the door from the loops and treat the loop with a shirt. It is much easier to do this than to remove the lock and cut the installed door. By the way, it will not be superfluous to read more about the foundation of Serpukhov is famous for its creation.

If suddenly the door began to jam from the upper or lower edge of the door, then you just need to process the edges with a shirt or using a skin. If the side with the lock is seized, then just make a wooden or plastic gasket. Put a wooden piece under the door, remove the base of the loops and put the gasket under it. In this case, remember, if it seizes the top, the lining is placed below and vice versa. When jamming the edge of the door, then the gasket must be installed closer to the junction site. In the case of sagging the door, you only need to tightly fasten all the screws, and if they do well, then replace them with new.

With the help of these non -workers tips, you can correct all the shortcomings of the drawdown or swelling of the door, and avoid unnecessary financial costs to buy new doors.

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