Bio -ecsterier what these are the features

Bioexterrier is not a new phenomenon, however, to this day, it cannot be called popular. Again awarded attention only within the framework of the movement towards the “environmentally friendly” fashion of the last decade. The “green” wall is a continuous plant coating. Suppliers of such an unusual type of finish offer the opportunity to plant absolutely any plant on your wall, as well as limit or stimulate its growth. By the way, now the real estate agency is always trying to choose an apartment that you will certainly like.

The weight of the “green” wall is small, which allows you to install on a building from any material. Perhaps the only condition that can act as a limiting factor is a climate in which it is planned to place a “green” wall. Care for the bioexterrier needs a minimum. The system of tubes hidden under specialized panels delivers to plants all the necessary nutrients. It is worth noting that the walls of the building remain dry, which is important, destructive processes are excluded. The cost of the “green” wall is relatively small, however, in the domestic market can reach unacceptably high marks. But, you always have the opportunity to place an order from the manufacturer in the countries of Eastern Europe.

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