Capital repairs of the new “old” apartment

Despite the fact that today there are a lot of proposals for buying apartments in new buildings in the real estate market, housing sale and sale transactions in the secondary market have not lost their positions. To a greater extent this is due to the cost of such apartments. After all, secondary housing is much cheaper than new buildings in elite areas. But along with the low cost “secondary” apartments, they are included with their satisfactory (at best) condition, and most often with a depressing. Often such apartments need complete, overhaul. Buying such housing is like buying up broken cars, when cars that are unimportant in appearance are bought up and repair so that they cannot be distinguished from new ones at the exit.

Stages of overhaul

To give the “former use” apartment a presentable look, it should be carefully repaired.

All repair work to restore secondary housing is divided into the following stages:

Preparation of the premises for work. It is necessary to take out all the garbage and things in the apartment. You should also dismantle old finishing materials (wallpaper, plastic, linoleum, and so on).

Replacement of heating pipes, water supply and sewage. Over the years of their use, they not only lost their original appearance, but also pretty worn out. Replacing these communications is simply necessary in the repair of any invasion.

Replacing plumbing. Toilet, bath, the sink was also influenced by time. Yes, and before they were made from cast iron, so it is not difficult to notice traces of corrosion on their surfaces.

Filling new screed, alignment of walls and ceilings. During the years of operation, the apartment has lost their original even geometry and strength. That is why it is necessary to replace them.

Window insert. Often, in apartments in the secondary market, window frames remained the same as they were commissioned when commissioning this house. Therefore, it is necessary to replace them.

Interior decoration and arrangement of furniture. When all the most important ceilings and communications were replaced, you can begin cosmetic repairs and the creation of a new interior.

When performing repair work of the apartment according to the plan, you can significantly save time and effort. If you clearly know which procedure replaces another, the repair of the apartment will not turn into hellish torment, but into a certain “quest”, where the prize for the victory will be an excellent apartment in which it will be pleasant to live.

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