Characterization of aluminum alloys

Light -up materials are currently in great demand. After ferrous metals, aluminum is in second place in terms of consumption volumes. This is the most famous and most used material in different areas of industry. Aluminum is used in construction, it is often used for the manufacture of different containers. It is also used in the transport sector, in mechanical engineering, for electrical engineering. By the way, the professional service of St.

The most popular aluminum alloys are the following: Silumin (this alloy consists of silicon and aluminum; it is light enough, and also has high strength).

High -strength alloy of aluminum, zinc, magnesium and commercial (mainly used in conditions of tension and compression; it is made for aircraft and lanherons are made from it).

Duralumin (the most famous; often used in the construction of aircraft).

Mechanical properties, as well as the technological characteristics of some alloys, allow them to bring them closer to high -strength steels. That is why they are quite popular and are used in a wide variety of areas: from aircraft building to the manufacture of cans for drinks.

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