Console racks what are features

The main task of the warehouse is to store things. And the organization of storage is carried out on racks, which are based on the above, turn out to be the most important purchase for the warehouse. Types of racks are different, which is quite logical, because the materials left in the warehouses are not identical to each other. In this article, we will talk about what console racks are and what their typical design looks like.

Console rack – this is a storage device. Someone includes a rack to the type of furniture, others call shelves equipment. We just say that this is an integral part of the warehouse, which is designed to organize competent storage of things. In this case, we are talking about console racks, therefore it should be noted that this type of racks is used to store long -sized products and large -sized, non -standard cargoes. Such products include pipes, boxes, siding, boards, slabs and other materials that have a significant length.

There is no front wall in the design of the console rack, therefore, products can be stored at all levels. As you can see in the photo in this article, the console rack is quite simple in its performance. Such a rack of racks, base and consoles consists. Depending on the model, the console rack can be either one -sided or double -sided. In the first case, the console on only one side, in the second from two.

Where to buy a console rack? Consonic racks are an integral part of wholesale warehouses, production workshops, construction supermarkets and so on.

Portal Project Roads wishes you a successful selection of equipment for the warehouse. If you turned your attention to console racks, then know – they can be performed clearly by your order, that is, according to your dimensions and parameters for your room. Successful organization of the warehouse.

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