Directions for the use of reinforced concrete products

Overview of the floors between floors

In order to divide the high -rise building into floors, as well as to give it stability, thermal insulation and sound insulation, it is necessary to use inter -story floors. There are two types of floors that can be classified according to the material from which they are made:

1. Reinforced concrete. This type of ceiling is used in the construction of stone, concrete and brick houses. Its main advantage is a very high bearing capacity. However, in reinforced concrete floors there are also disadvantages – this is low thermal insulation and high sound permeability. Slab ceilings belong to reinforced concrete ceilings. This type of ceiling is made at the factory according to a special project. This option saves time and money very much. For installation of reinforced concrete flooring, a special lifting technique is used. In addition to slab floors, there are monolithic floors. They are already done on the spot. Such ceilings are cast in a special formwork. They also belong to an important design and bear high responsibility, for this reason, work on them should be strictly under the supervision and control of a qualified engineer-builder.

2. Wooden. The main difference between such floors is their simplicity. They make them from glued or whole array. The main advantage of such material is its low cost. Disadvantages can be ranked in shortness, combustibility, exposure to pressure, steam and water.

Review of well rings

An integral advantage of a country house is a well with cold clean drinking water. To date, it is very simple to build such a building. You just need to choose the right place, dig enough depths of the hole and install the colodeless rings. Reinforced concrete rings are very popular.

The method of making such rings is quite simple. The space that will repeat the shape of your well is installed on a flat surface. Next, the product is reinforced. After the end of this process, a high -quality solution of concrete is poured into the structure. The solution is compacted independently using the vibration of the rings. Thanks to this, the product has high strength. This process should be repeated while the solution will not fully fill the entire shape.

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