How to protect the roof from corrosion effective methods

At first glance, it seems that the house is not needed by the house protection from rust, but this is a deceptive impression. Often, quite serious problems of homeowners arise due to a flowing metal roof, the anti-corrosion protection of which was missed. Especially if galvanized steel was acquired, about which they say that it is not corroded. Unfortunately, this is not so, and the metal roof must be treated, since the chemical, temperature and water load on it is simply colossal.

Roof anti -corrosion methods

There are two ways to protect roofing materials from corrosion:



Galing usually occurs in the factory, and customers are offered already prepared for the installation of the structure. But, despite the fact that the zinc coating allows you to extend the life of steel sheets, it is not a panacea from the influence of environmental factors, so even a galvanized roof must be painted. For this, the most ordinary oil paint is used. Update protection must.

In order not to engage in repainting often, you can use a special roofing paint on the basis of acrylic once every five years. It belongs to the category of water-dispersion, it is easily divorced, applied and quickly dries. In addition, such a coating does not fade and does not crack. But it should also be updated from time to time.

An important condition for applying paint to the surface of galvanized sheets is the special preparation of the roof. Complex protection of building structures from corrosion implies that the sheets are washed, cleaned using washing powder from white rust and oil, dried, and only after that you can apply paint. Experts also recommend after installing the roof to wait about a year before proceeding with the surface of the surface.

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