High -quality horizontal blinds in Yekaterinburg

Horizontal blinds are one of the most common and simple types of protection of our housing from direct sunlight, and immodest views of strangers. The design of the horizontal blinds is fully reflected in their name and is a set of horizontal plates, which can move along the guides.

Learn more about what the prices for horizontal blinds in Yekaterinburg can be on the company’s website Lux Decor. It should be noted that in our time the horizontal blinds have become unusual distribution: in almost any office or apartment, both in Russia and abroad, you can find this variety of windows protection. First of all, such popularity is due to the simplicity of the design, which allows you to give blinds reliability and durability, as well as the fact that their price is low.

Horizontal blinds are so functional and easy to use that hygienic care for them will not be difficult even at home. Within the framework of the current cleaning, it is enough to wash the dust with a damp cloth from them, and as much pollution, the blinds must be removed and washed in running water.

You can use horizontal blinds not only in window openings, it is possible to hang them on any opening, while they will practically not take up space. They are also very simple: just twist a mechanical handle or press an electric shock. It is also very simple to order and pay for such blinds: among a huge variety of types and colors on the website of the company Lux Decor, you will probably find suitable for you. Of course, among the models there are classic single -color, made in pastel shades of blinds, and innovative designer finds that are ideal for a bold original interior.

Also, a very convenient option for the blinds remains the possibility of their automation. If necessary, you can not only simplify the opening of the curtains, but also install a timer or light sensor for more comfortable control without human participation.

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