What is a composter for a summer cottage

We live in an age of industrial production, when tons of processed raw materials are thrown into the air and pollute the environment: air, water, soil. This invariably affects our well -being, on our food to which we grow. The only way out that humanity can come up with is to invent environmentally friendly waste processing.

Each of us, working in our country site, dreams of improving the quality of the crop, using all the necessary natural resources. You have a unique opportunity to purchase an indispensable assistant – a composter for a summer residence. This is a combination of several characteristics in itself: it processes all organic waste, whether it is grass, trees bark, dry branches, leaves, food waste into benign fertilizer. Inside the composter, which consists of durable polypropylene, circulates a stable air temperature that accelerates the decomposition process. The same component is special bacteria, which decompose all organic waste. You will be delivered from the problem where to put everything that remains in the fall after the crop, it would seem unnecessary. This is a significant saving of your money.

You produce your own fertilizer all year round without spending money on imported, in which you do not know the exact composition. The composter will save you from the unpleasant smell of decomposition, and those inaccurate piles of waste that will remain in the fall. Any model will not take up much space, and will easily fit into your cottage. Thanks to the material from which it consists, the device will serve you for a very long and reliable. It can be easy to collect, and even a child can cope with it, for whom this can become an exciting game, and will bring up love for ecology and purity. Insulation from the external environment, the lack of smell does not attract insects, which are often carriers of dangerous infections. You can choose between the open and closed model model. The first can only be used seasonally, and is easily removed. The second serves all year round, since there is a thermoregulation and stable temperature maintenance. Fertilizers are extracted using a shovel either through a small door below, or a compartment is removed if it is a multi -tiered structure.

Caring for the appearance of your yard, the quality of products should be purchased an indispensable assistant to each summer resident who will help to process all organic waste into environmentally friendly raw materials and fertilizers saturated with minerals.

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