How to change a chandelier

To change the chandelier, you need to do the following actions. Prepare for work as follows: a stepladder, an indicator screwdriver, and one more with an isolated pen, pliers, isolating tape, nippers, knife and lantern, if you do work in the dark.

First de -energize the entire room.

Install a stepladder under the old chandelier, rise as high that you are convenient to work. Using a screwdriver, unscrew the fastener device of the chandelier, which is located at the ceiling. Undetting, you will see under the lid of the wires.

Remove the insulating tape that connects the wires. Next, you should first unwind the connected wires, and then only remove the chandelier from the hook.

Then dilute the wires in different directions and you need to turn the voltage to the chandelier’s wires with a switch.

Further attention! Do not touch the wires with your hands! Using the indicator screwdriver, you need to check what phases the voltage is suitable for. Where there is a phase, a light bulb on a screwdriver will light up. Remember such wires.

Then you need to turn off the voltage.

Compare the number of wires that are located on the ceiling and is in the chandelier. Be sure to part of the wires on the chandelier, and part will not (zero). The connection of the wires of the chandelier and the ceiling is made as follows: phase are connected to the phase, zero – to zero. In case of excess of the number of phase wires from the ceiling “extra” wires, you need to isolate with island. If on the contrary, then the phase wires are combined. Do not forget this rule!

Having highlighted phase and zero wires, the chandelier must be hung on the hook. Next, we connect the wires according to the phases. With the help of pliers, click the compounds for strength. The wire without a phase must be insulated separately. Each of the phase wires is also insulated separately from each other. Put the chandelier to the ceiling and fix it with a screwdriver.

You can apply voltage.

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