How to expand the living area after adding in the family

The child should be the desired happiness for any family, but with his appearance, parents have a lot of additional costs, but even more important is the need to increase the number of square meters. Of course, the first couple of years you can live in a one-room apartment with a baby, but then it will turn into real flour for you, for him and for the mental health of all family members. Therefore, today you need to start thinking about the expansion of the living space, but what is better to choose: an apartment with a larger area or another small apartment?

This is a good question, especially if you look at it in the short and long term. Of course, until adulthood, your child will live with you, but after that both you and you want an independent life. If you look at the situation from the first point of view, then you need an apartment with more than one room. However, if you look at the situation from the second position, it would be better to buy another small apartment.

You have an option to exchange your small apartment with a surcharge for an apartment with a lot of rooms. Perhaps economically, such an exchange will seem more profitable. Nevertheless, if you buy a small one -room apartment in addition to the existing one, then you will receive not only promising housing for your child, but also additional earnings from the rental if you rent this apartment.

Try to consider the option of purchasing cheaper housing in a suburb of a large city. Suppose you live in Moscow and you want to expand in square meters of housing. You can buy one -room apartments in Mytishchi, for example, in the Pirogovsky residential complex (Odnokomnatnye_kvartiry), which is located in the village of Pirogovsky only 3 kilometers from the city of Mytishchi. The advantage of such an apartment in your case will be in its price. In addition, having moved to the suburbs, you will have more fresh air, although all the principles of urbanization will remain. For a more profitable combination, you can rent your Moscow apartment and live with a child in the suburbs while he is growing.

Of course, when you decide to buy an apartment with the aim of expanding, a convenient option seems to be exchange for a large area with a surcharge. However, if you think and weigh all the pros and cons, you can conclude that the second apartment in the suburbs may be a more suitable option. In addition, by the time your child reaches adulthood, you yourself may want to live away from the vain city. In addition to the apartment in the suburbs, we also recommend considering country houses.

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