How to build a monolithic building on a private site

Monolithic construction is an advanced technology for building buildings. In monolithic houses, people often buy furniture for the kitchen, t. To. large kitchens in monolithic houses and there is a place for furniture. The principle is to pour concrete specifically into the formwork, which makes it possible to get a single design that does not have seams and joints. Formwork in the provided case is a form for the walls of the building under construction. It consists of hollow polystyrene blocks, which concrete is then poured into the inner space.

The blocks contain rushing holes for the reinforcement used when pouring load -bearing walls. How soon the formwork is erected, communications are being made, after which the concrete floods begin. The thickness of the walls ranges from configuration of distances between the blocks from which the formwork is folded.

The result is a monolith-a strong concrete wall, covered from 2 sides with foam blocks. These installations do not take, as they are effective thermal insulation material. As a result, the walls of the erected house are no longer necessary for additional insulation.

The construction of dwellings and country houses according to such a scheme is a common, quiet and neat matter. The system is not cluttered with heterogeneous equipment, all work is carried out by a team from several workers. There are practically no residues. According to such technology, there can be the construction of buildings of any purpose: collective, residential, industrial, trade.

As a result of the use of the scheme of non -step -free formwork, the period and the price of the building of the building are significantly compressed. This stems in the main thing, due to the fact that the need for the manufacture of building materials at the factory disappears, all work is made specifically for the system.

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