How to independently design a garden with your own hands

If we assume that we will create our own garden from scratch, we should start planning in winter, when it is enough to comprehend what we ultimately want to see in our garden.

Broken and arrangement of the garden is the last stage of work related to moving to a new house. And for many homeowners, it is more complicated than the originally expected.

After all, it turns out that in order to make the decorated courtyard and garden look just like in dreams you need to work not only physically, but also have initial knowledge about landscape planning and about the conditions that the plants need to be created.

Garden concept and work planning

If you have become the owners of your own home recently, then the onset of the first spring season in your own garden you are waiting with special impatience. Viewing catalogs with a garden assortment to prepare well at the time when you can enthusiastically begin to embody your own intentions.

However, everything is not so simple and the creation of its own, green oasis requires a carefully thought -out strategy. Winter good time to prepare for practical work on Earth. During the winter months, you need to carefully consider the concept of your own garden and plan all the stages. If you do not have your own experience in the garden, you should contact a specialist who will appreciate the reality of our plans and give practical tips. The specialist will tell you what kind of garden and plants the corresponding ones should choose.

Errors made by inexperienced gardeners

The first and serious error made by inexperienced gardeners is to ignore research on the determination of soil acidity. After all, the result of the tests allows us to judge its properties and choose the right vegetation. Another mistake is neglect of taking into account the cardinal points and the degree of insolation of the garden when determining the place of landing of certain groups of plants and trees.

The third mistake is a discrepancy between the requirements for the care of planted plants and our real capabilities. Even ordinary lawn requires regular care. Therefore, when planning a garden, you should sensibly evaluate how much time you can devote to him. An active lifestyle that most of us now leads, made a popular choice in favor of the minimalist style of the garden.

Many people prefer simply even, well -groomed lawn

Many owners of houses prefer simply even, well -groomed lawn, decorative elements of small architecture, such as neat paths, sometimes small cascading ponds with water flowing from stone walls. And such a garden will only require the care of the lawn. However, there are a lot of people who want to taste fully the joy of working on Earth, growing spices and vegetables for their table.

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