How to make a beautiful painting on the wall with a stencil

Sometimes there is a need to apply a drawing on the wall, but not to immediately fulfill it on the wall can do not do everyone. Often, a stencil or template is used to perform such types of work. To apply a horizontal ornament to the wall, you should apply a horizontal guide at the desired height. For convenience, instead of a ruler, you can take a long rail. With an uneven ceiling, the line can be lowered below, then the defects will not be so noticeable. Calculate the transition of the report from the wall to the wall, according to its length. Some stencils that can be bent are conveniently used if the drawing must be translated with a bend in the corner of the room. But, of course, the drawings should be finished to the beginning of the corner, so that they do not break.

Apply the stencil to the wall and combine the guides, fix it with a tape. You can apply an adhesive on the back of the stencil, it will prevent the flow of paint under it. And when removing the stencil, the drawing is not damaged. Take the paint you need from the palette and apply it through the holes of the stencil with light movements. To create glare, add light tones to the paint.

Separate the stencil from the wall and transfer to a new place so that it coincides with the guides. Paste from the stencil periodically wash with a paper towel. If you need to apply elements of several colors, then for each next layer, wait for the previous one and only then continue to work.

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