How to make liquid floors for a private house

Burning floors look gorgeous in residential buildings, apartments, offices and trading halls. The technology of their creation allows the use of a wide range of colors and even create any drawing on the floor at the request of the customer.

The bulk floor is ideal for the children’s room, since you can apply a cheerful drawing with familiar characters from children’s cartoons. Liquid floor for a sleeping room and living room can be chosen in calm colors, or prefer bright colors. A large spectrum of design capabilities is able to offer the best option for a suitable decorative floor for the office room. You can also depict the company logo of the enterprise on it.

Choosing the color, material and structure of the floor, today there is no need to focus on the options offered by the manufacturer of bulk coatings. Linoleum and laminate, on which a typical, often repeated color and drawing is applied, gradually remains in the past. Decorative liquid floors give the will of your imagination: snow-white, saturated red, turquoise-heavenly blue … Anyone attracted color to your service!

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