How to prepare the cottage and site for wintering correctly

Leaving the cottage in the winter time, you need to take care of a lot. For example, locks – hinged locks that can be on the doors, on the shutters, on the well cover, and the street toilet, on the door of the electric distribution shield. During the winter, they can rust and get into the right room will be difficult.

You can wrap them with a stretch with a film, put on them caps made of plastic bottles, but it’s easier to buy aerosol lubricants and bury the gaps and holes of the locks, it can be an aerosol for car locks. Lubricate the loops of street doors, check if the start of the fence or the fence begins to break. Close the well, check the walls of the house, the foundation, so that in the spring when melting snow, it does not wash.

Do not forget to remove wooden furniture under the roof for the winter, which is afraid of moisture, plastic furniture can be closed with a film. Before you remove wooden furniture, treat it with varnish or Pinatex. Remove tissue upholstery from tents with swing, cover the frame with a case.

If there are annual plants in your cottage, then it is not necessary to cover the earth. But the greenhouse should be removed before leaving, the land in the former greenhouse fertilize. You can sow siderates, these are the seeds that go in a few days, wait for their sprouts and dig the soil, and the soil will be fertilized. Use the zircon-this is a general purpose stimulator, it is bred one to one with Epin-Exista and then spray the plants so that they do not hurt and start to bloom early in the spring. In addition, many chemical fertilizers will prepare the ground for the winter on all 6 hundred parts, and this will take only a few hours.

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