Is it possible to make a regular cellar with your own hands

For a long time, a regular cellar is unchanged among summer residents and rural residents. Even today, he successfully competes with the refrigerator. The cellar has an indisputable advantage over the most modern technology – it can be built independently. The process is laborious, but justified.

For the construction of an earthen cellar on the site, you need to choose a dry elevated place. Here, first of all, you need to dig a pit. In order to avoid the soil showing in the future, the walls of the pit are made inclined.

Когда котлован под погреб готов, наступает очередь пола. A good floor for the cellar will be brick crushed stone, flooded with bitumen. After the construction of the cellar, the construction of the pool also begins with your own hands.

The walls must be sheathed with boards and strengthened. It is advisable to make the casing of the collapsible so that in the summer it can be pulled out and dried in the sun.

An important place in the construction of the cellar is given to the ceiling. For an earthen cellar, the ceiling is built of poles. On top it is poured with a viscous solution of a mixture of clay with straw. The thickness of the filling should be about 40 cm.

A roof is built above the ceiling. The roof should be gable and close the cellar with its slopes from both sides.

After the construction of the cellar, you should think about its internal arrangement. Usually, shelves are installed in an earthen cellar on one side, on the other, bins are equipped.

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