Varieties of suspended ceilings which option to choose

Today, thanks to the rapid development of building technologies, the owner of the premises can exclude from use for the repair of such relatively complex finishing work as putty, plaster and painting. This is the advantage of modern materials – ease of installation, maximum amenities with a minimum of worries.

One of the popular and modern materials for finishing the ceilings is suspended ceilings, the reasons for the success of which will be discussed in this small article.

Case ceilings

The most popular types of suspended ceilings are rack, cassette and gypsum, time -tested as a great way to stylish design of any room. The ceilings are distinguished by a wide palette of colors and shades, as well as a large assortment of textures, so that you can easily implement any design projects, selecting the necessary panels according to their own sketches. The suspended ceiling consists of a supporting frame, suspensions and panels, which can be not only flat, but also curved.


Independent installation of suspended ceilings without involving specialists is absolutely nothing complicated, and the replacement of individual ceiling elements in case of damage can be carried out without dismantling the entire system of suspended ceilings. The ceilings of this type are the most ideal solution for hiding communications located under the main ceiling of the room – air ducts, water and gas pipes, as well as electric cables.

A hinged ceiling will be an excellent solution for finishing the kitchen and bathroom, as it allows you to use a special moisture -resistant drywall. The color scheme and texture of the suspended ceilings is in a very wide range, and a favorable price policy will always allow you to choose the right type of ceiling, regardless of the thickness of your wallet, from the models of economy classes to luxurious premium products.

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