Laying tiles on the wall

Before you start laying tiles on the walls, you need to calculate its required number, taking into account the battle.

First you need to prepare the surface: clean it of dirt and other garbage. The next step is to align the walls with a putty and a solution of sand and cement. Then it is necessary to primed the walls. After using the level, we fix a metal or wooden rail.

For laying tiles can be used as an adhesive solution or a mixture of cement with sand. This mixture must be applied to the wall with a spatula or grater with cloves. Sometimes glue is applied to the tile. Begin to lay tiles from the bottom up. Using special corners, maintain the distance between the stitches for the seams. By applying the tile to the wall, you need to remove the excess solution. Using the level, check whether we put the tiles exactly. If you do not need a whole tile, cut it with a cutter. Having completed the styling, it is necessary to allow the solution to dry during the day. After drying, fill the seams with a solution using a rubber spatula. Today the seams can not only white. After grasping the solution, the remaining remains should be removed with a damp sponge. Finally, using a rag (better flannel) you need to polish the tile.

When laying tiles, it should be remembered that in the center of the room and in the most prominent places you should not put the cut tiles. It is better to hide it away from the gaze so that it does not catch my eye.

In addition to styling, the tile also requires care to maintain its properties and views longer. The tile, which consists of monocottra or bicotura, should be cleaned with warm water and sponge, and granite is treated with acidic solution, gloss can be cleaned using abrasive substances. Caring for tiles, you will save her magnificent view for a long time.

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